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Damien on… “…Make You Laugh Out Loud”

“…Make You Laugh Out Loud” is an “INVISIBLE” TV SERIES.

At least, its absence from both Wiki and IMDb would suggest so. Even the company (Britain’s Channel Five – the Brexit of TV channels) who apparently finance it are loath to show details of anything but a few random episodes on their website. Indeed, that is all you will find ANYWHERE – a few random episodes.

Yet here in Thailand, Sony are currently stripping what they call Season Three. Meanwhile, I have already watched Season Two (we have only had the Sony Channel here for a couple of weeks, so I may never see Season One) and as far as I can make out, there appear to be about ten episodes per season. Some thirty in all?

But just why Channel Five seem so intent on BURYING this series, I cannot comprehend. From the little I can find out, their scheduling of it seems to have been as half-arsed as their publicity for it – them having screened it as a series of specials.

Anyhoo, if this series shows up on your package, give it a try.

A clips show, it features a commentary-track by “TV’s [these days; mostly radio’s] Iain Lee” with a smattering of interviews with some of those featured in the clips, plus comments from various British comics, all accompanied by corny music from British music libraries (much if not all of which hails from the legendary KPM).

At an hour, it is twice as long as the plethora of other clips shows currently showing on TV (they are CHEAP to make) but the time passes quickly.

Each episode is dedicated to a category of clowning, like “Grannies Make You Laugh Out Loud” – and Stupid Criminals, Stupid Builders, Babies, Cats, Dogs, Puppies, Kittens (the animal eps are best – some having sequels each year) and others.

I do not usually bother with series like these – inane and cheap – but like the Carry On films, this one is hard to resist…


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