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Damien on… Leggy May: You Go, Girl!

I understand Leggy is currently having a summit with Trump.

Well, she needs to give him ANYTHING he wants (yes, including one of THOSE).

The reason being, right now – Trump needs friends (as does Leggy).

The Latin countries hate him (wall, etc.)

China hates him (Taiwan).

And for obvious reasons, he does not WANT to get too chummy with Russia.

Which just leaves Britain and mainland Europe as important future partners.

But this puts him in the position of someone whose two best friends have just announced they are getting a DIVORCE.

He has to CHOOSE A SIDE.

And that falls between America’s favourite bitch – Britain – and the MESS that is Europe.

Thus Leggy May needs to get IN there before Angela Merkin (The Queen Of Europe) seizes HER chance.

Of course Merkin is left wing, while Leggy is right – which gives her a head start.



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