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Damien on… American “Freedom”

George Wan…sorry, WaLker Bush is always going on about how Americans love FREEDOM. But what freedom do they have?

Americans cannot legally make love until they’re EIGHTEEN. Now given that a man reaches his sexual peak at FIFTEEN, that means the American male is OVER THE HILL before he can START.

Even in England, the age of consent is SIXTEEN, which is the highest in Europe (they also have the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe, while Holland has the lowest age of consent – and the lowest teen pregnancy rate).

And in England, when a young (usually poor) gullible person returns from fighting a foreign WAR – assuming they MAKE it back with their limbs and SOME of their sanity intact, they can enjoy an alcoholic DRINK to celebrate. Not in America. THEY have to be TWENTY-ONE.

Plus, when they DO enter a bar, Americans cannot SMOKE (if in the Sixties, a time-traveller had told me that in 2008, most people went to work with a JET-PACK strapped to their back, I’d have BELIEVED them – but if they’d said that in 2008, you couldn’t SMOKE in a BAR…) in fact these days, it’s hard to find any place in America where you CAN smoke.

So, Americans can’t bonk till they’re eighteen, drink till they’re twenty-one, or smoke at ALL.

And if they dare to experiment with recreational drugs, they face DECADES in JAIL.

Then there’s the Patriot Act…

The fact is, America is slowly moving towards the country which, In My Day, they called “The Evil Empire”, because of its totalitarian regime – while Russia has spent the last twenty years becoming more LIBERAL.

No wonder the word liberal is now a “dirty word” in the States.

I only hope Obama (hallelujah) can reverse the trend (Obama SMOKES!) If some “American Patriot” doesn’t shoot him first…


2 Responses to “Damien on… American “Freedom””

  1. I am in agreement with all of the spirit, and most of the specific views, of this post. It is so disappointing to find that the US culture that I worshipped as a teenager, loving and singing-along with Guy Mitchell, Frankie Lymon, and Elvis Presley; hanging on every word of Alasdair Cooke; and digging the movies Bud Abbot and Lou Costello; was revealed to me as sordid, tawdry, and plain stupid.

    The guilty driving force is, of course, not only the greedy capitalist industry owners but also the Congress, particularly the Senate. The motivating force behind them is Religion. We disappointed Yank-fans have to look to the Russian Federation (sadly ameliorated by Orthodox Christianity) and the People’s Republic of China. But, if humanity is indeed destined to doom, so be it. Serves us right.

    It is the colonists who head off-planet, and indeed ex-Sol, who are our only hope… Go, trekkers, go!

  2. Wow – I wrote this piece SEVEN YEARS AGO! How did you happen across it now?

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