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Damien on… Freedom Of Speech

For any writer, freedom of speech is paramount. But is it really desirable across the board? The problem is, with freedom goes responsibility. Let’s examine a few examples…

A racist gets up on a soap-box in a predominantly immigrant neighbourhood and begins a diatribe of racist philosophising. Now in an ideal World he would be ignored, laughed at, or invited to stick his head up his arse.

But we do not LIVE in an ideal World – and the PRACTICAL result of allowing him his freedom of speech would likely be mayhem, during which property and PEOPLE could be seriously DAMAGED.

Or a film director creates a work portraying some atrocity or other, to make a point about The Human Condition. Intelligent people view the work and absorb its message – but one NUT who is unable to separate fantasy from reality goes and COMMITS the atrocity.

You see the problem. Individual freedom is fine – so long as it doesn’t interfere with someone ELSE’S freedom. If I want to play my stereo LOUDLY, that’s great – unless my neighbour is trying to sleep.

Ideally, one should be free to buy dynamite. But the REALITY of allowing such freedom would be that NO-ONE would be SAFE.

Only an IDIOT would sanction the over-the-counter sale of dynamite, right? That would be like allowing ordinary people to buy GUNS…


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