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Damien on… Jared Kushner – And Ivanka

For a long time, we knew nothing of Jared – he had never spoken widely. But now he has, it is clear he is a major DWEEB.

And having seen Ivanka many times on her daddy’s TV show, we already knew what SHE is like.

Thus it is pretty clear who wears the trousers in THAT relationship.

Of course, some would point out Ivanka “converted” to Judaism for her geeky groom – but then, that is hardly the same as if it had been the other way round.

I mean, her lady-parts did not have to be MUTILATED.

How hard could it have been? Read a book – then endure a boring ceremony?

Every man who has read “Under The Tuscan Sun” and sat through the movie for their woman has done THAT.

Plus, while Ivanka was a babe when she was young – she has not WORN well. These days, Tiffany is the cute Trump.

And if, in the months to come, Jared’s interests conflict with those of his unpredictable pa-in-law – which way will Ivanka JUMP?

Her hubby – or her DAD?

Watch this space…


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