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Damien on… Leggy May – Seriously?

As a Brit, I am astonished that neither the Grauniad nor the political commentators/satirists (from whom I obtain most of my information regarding the country I escaped from, some fifteen years ago) have picked up on this – but after her recent election “victory” Leggy May clearly referred to her misbegotten party as “The Conservative AND UNIONIST Party” – WHAT?!?

This was clearly a lame attempt to LEGITIMISE her desperate, unholy hook-up with the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.

The problem is, it relies on total historical IGNORANCE on the part of the electorate – which tragically, appears to have WORKED.

So let this historian dispossess said electorate with a few FACTS…

The “full name” of the Conservative Party, virtually unused for about FIFTY YEARS until Leggy’s election debacle, does indeed include “And Unionist” – but that has NOTHING to do with the DUP.

It ACTUALLY refers to the LIBERAL Unionists who merged with the Conservatives – over a HUNDRED YEARS ago! 1912, actually – the year the Titanic sank (rather like her premiership has).

While the Democratic Unionists were only formed in 1971 – by IAN PAISLEY (young people and non-Brits, hit…

I refer to my alter-ego Morpheus, to FINISH this piece…

….DUP stands for Democratic Unionist Party. But in this case, the word “democratic” is like the word “socialist” was – with the NAZI party.

Yes, in both cases words that normally imply LEFT-wing sympathies were actually applied to EXTREME RIGHT-WING parties.

Face it, Leggy – the DUP are a bunch of primitive, barbaric retards who make your Tory wing of the British Party look like LIBERALS in comparison.

They don’t even have the same aspirations as you – and you’re getting into bed with THEM?

Okay, they’re the ONLY way you can stay in power – but GAWDELP us all now…


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