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Damien on… The Trump Experiment

…is currently nearing its end.

And since its ramifications will doubtless be a topic of conversation for decades to come, this observer has decided to put in his two penn’orth NOW.

The experiment had two components.

One: could an experienced big businessman run America like a big business?

And two: could a blue collar guy (Trump may live in a golden palace, but he is still working-class) with no experience of politics run America using down-home commonsense?

Well, four months in, clearly the answer to both questions is a resounding NO.

As Trump discovered, politics is complicated.

While big businessmen swan through life as their minions sweep their indiscretions under the carpet – following the 08-09 Crash, few ended up in jail – the political world is not so easy to manipulate.

There are rafts of oversight committees, congressional hearings and a whole slew of government departments, any or all of whom will comb through every aspect of your deeds, minutely examining each one for a scintilla of irregularity.

Of course, in banana republics, the individuals in charge of those committees, courts and bureaucratic institutions would be quickly DISAPPEARED. But Trump is the President – not El Presidente.

And unlike the Prime Minister of the UK – who is all-powerful – the POTUS sits in a bubble called the Executive Branch. Thus the moniker of The Most Powerful Man In The World is a JOKE. He may have the Launch Codes, but much as he might like to – he cannot drop a nuke on WASHINGTON.

So right now, that establishment is moving in on him. He will be GONE by Christmas – the only question is whether he will resign or wait to get impeached. My money is on the former.

But what will happen then?

Mike Pence, that’s what. As the Republicans breathe a collective sigh of relief, he will take over the Big Chair and dump Bannon and his cronies. Then, having quietly kept his distance from his flamboyant former boss, this Christian Right smoothy will have carte blanche over the next four years – and possibly another EIGHT – to steadily push The States even further back into the Dark Ages.

I almost prefer Trump.


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