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Damien on… Another Bloody Election

So Leggy May calls a snap election – why?

For the sake of non-Brits, a little background…

Britain is a One-Party State. The party consists of two wings – the “left” wing is called Labour – the “right” wing, Conservative or Tory.

And this organisation has ruled Britain for over a century.

They have achieved this by constant gerrymandering (Wiki it) and only pretending the wing currently in “opposition” actually is.

Thus a second party would need about sixty percent of the popular vote to unseat it – and the “opposition” wing lies in wait for their turn, never seriously attacking the ruling wing.

Which is why the only two serious challenges to their authority post-WW2 (the Gang Of Four and Cleggy) were both fiascos.

Then came Brexit…

Thanks to lies, fraud and chiefly the population’s fear of foreign terrorism – the Leave vote won. By one-point-eight percent of those who voted.

The Prime Minister – who had campaigned for Remain – resigned.

Leggy May – who had also supported Remain – took over, declaring she had a Mandate (she is a milf) and would carry out the Will Of The People.

No-one quite knows why…

There is no doubt that were a second referendum held today – or indeed, any time after the disastrous consequences of the Leave vote had sunk in (about forty-eight hours after the result) – Britain would overwhelmingly vote Remain.

But they are not being given the chance.

What they face instead is a General Election.

Clearly, Leggy is annoyed by the constant pointing out by everybody of the problems that will be created by Britain’s exit from Europe; the undoing of over 40 years of trade deals, legislation, agreements and so on, the ire of Europe, the possible break-up of the UK (Scotland voted Remain and the N Irish might prefer being part of Europe over being part of Britain) – and the crippling financial repercussions.

So, figuring that since Labour currently appears unelectable and no second party would be able to achieve what they have failed to in the last hundred years, she has clearly decided winning a GE will silence – or at least, reduce – the criticism.

And allow her to get on with the job of totally f***ing up Britain.


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