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Damien on… Sean Spicer

What an utter tool.

The irony is that when he stated that even Hitler had never stooped to using chemical weapons – and a reporter reminded him about the HOLOCAUST – he COULD have gotten out of the mess by QUALIFYING his statement.

Had he been better informed and more eloquent, he could have pointed out that his statement was (SORT OF) TRUE.

The fact is, when WW2 got underway, the British government equipped its citizens with gas masks. They informed them that these were only a precaution, as they believed that Hitler would not use gas weapons, since this would force Britain to respond in kind – which was in NO-ONE’S interest.

However this was in fact a monumental BLUFF, given that Britain HAD no gas weapons to speak of. And so, believing the British were incapable of prevarication, he did not use HIS.

Of course, he used PLENTY of gas during the Holocaust – killing millions of gypsies, Poles, Jews, gays, intellectuals and anyone he believed was an enemy of the Third Reich.

But it could reasonably be argued that whilst this monstrous act took place towards the end of the war, it was not strictly speaking a PART of the war – rather a sickening BY-PRODUCT.

Furthermore, the gas was not a WEAPON per se – it was an atrocious EXPEDIENCY.

Thus Spicer’s statement (and clearly, his intent) was kinda TRUE.

Nevertheless, when the reporter brought up the HOLOCAUST, he needed to choose his next words CAREFULLY – not turn into the gibbering pillock he became.

Trump needs a new press secretary.


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