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Damien on… Who You Gonna Blame?

Who is responsible for the fact that Britain and America are currently circling the drain?

Well, since Leggy May is about to deliver Britain’s SUICIDE NOTE to Europe – and Donald Trump has achieved more bad in less than two months than Barry Obama achieved good in EIGHT YEARS – the answer would seem to be obvious.

But hold on there a minute; if a drunk driver ploughed his car into your life-partner – or a psychotic gunsel blew their head off – would you blame Toyota? Or Smith & Wesson?

NO. It was the HUMAN controlling them what did it. May and Trump are merely TOOLS (particularly in Trump’s case).

The ARCHITECT of these two disasters is… Mr George Wan – sorry, WaLker Bush. Yes, him again. The Monkey.

He said History would judge him – so let us examine the History.

The Middle East has always been a clusterf*** – and while George Bush Snr had the class and wisdom to QUIT after removing Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, his yobbo son was untroubled by either of these qualities.

So, ignoring the UN (and thus exposing their ineffectiveness) he dragged Bambi (Britain’s nice-but-dim Prime Minister at the time) into an operation designed to remove him from the PLANET, claiming he was a threat to Britain and America.

We now know otherwise – but the RESULT of this blunder was to turn the Middle East from a standard clusterf*** into the MONUMENTAL clusterf*** it is today.

A side-effect of which was to ignite a campaign of terror (Paris, San Bernadino, Nice, Orlando, Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray and others) which DOMINATED the year preceding the Brexit election and America’s Choice 2016.

Which created the public FEAR that DIRECTLY led to the situation described in paragraph two of these ramblings.


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