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Damien on… “May You Live In Interesting Times”

…is said (erroneously) to be an ancient Chinese curse.

But for two of America’s Late Night chat-show hosts, the current interesting times have proven to be a major BOON.

I am speaking of Mssrs. Colbert and Meyers.

A peculiar thing about American Late Night is its scheduling. While FIVE chat-shows a night is clearly overkill (but that’s Americans for you) it is nonetheless a fact.

On ABC, the snarky Jimmy Kimmel rules. While on CBS, it is Stephen Colbert, followed by James Corden. And on NBC, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers.

But here is the anomaly; while Colbert and Meyers are solidly topical-political, Fallon and Corden deliver celeb trivia.

So when the first two hosts sign off, a gazillion remotes are activated as the audience follows the stream they prefer.

And in the past, aided by the TRADITION associated with (currently) Fallon’s The Tonight Show, the majority went with the FLUFF.

However when Trump took office, the pendulum SWUNG – BIG TIME.

And for the first time ever, the TOPICAL-POLITICAL boys are now reigning.

This has happened before. In Eighties Britain, during Thatcher’s administration, Channel Four’s late night comedy shows ripped her a new one every night. For YEARS – and a lot of difference it made.

The fact is, watching hated right-wing politicians being made to look utterly ridiculous (which isn’t hard) only serves to please liberals and lefties – it changes NOTHING.



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