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Damien on… School Reunions

I would have to travel half-way around the planet to attend one – so it ain’t going to happen. But I offer the following ploy to anyone who can USE it…

First, you hire an actress (or an escort, if you’re not that rich). For the gag to work, she will need to be good-looking and SMART.

After you’ve explained what you need, you both turn up, posing as husband and wife – you in a DJ (dinner jacket) and her looking like a million dollars.

So far so mundane – I’m sure LOADS of guys have done that. But here is where it gets interesting; after you have given it ten minutes to sink in, you split up and mingle.

And this where it takes a TURN; having wrapped herself around you at first – once clear, she begins giving the glad eye to ALL your school-friends.

How well she handles it will depend on her acting abilities and her commitment to the role you’ve given her.

Of course, the REAL fun will be the DENOUEMENT.

Most of these gigs have a band or DJ (disk-jockey this time) so once she has gotten the whole place buzzing – with each guy (and perhaps a couple of girls) separately convinced they have landed themselves a LIVE one (at your expense) – you take the mic and announce that they have all been HAD.

And if you REALLY want to bury them, fit her up with a wire and play the recording on the sound system!

Enjoy, with my compliments.


One Response to “Damien on… School Reunions”

  1. ……And then your old school friends take you out in the car park and beat the crap out of you!

    Nice pic though – my only comment on that being “Oh dear, her balls have dropped!”

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