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Damien on… Antitheism: An Afterthought

Down this column (about a year ago) I wrote a long piece on this subject (and, re-reading my reply to a comment; BOY, was I right about 2016!) You can find it at…

Anyhoo, thinking more about it, I realised that some might accuse me of bias, declaring that religion itself is BENIGN, and cannot be blamed for the repression, control, genital mutilation, homophobia, misogyny, rampant terrorism and many other evils with which it blights our lives – rather, the fault lies with those who DISTORT its messages and use them to justify their appalling deeds.

Yes, but… haven’t we heard that before?

“Guns Don’t Kill People – People Kill People.”

True. And belief in a deity is like that hunk of gun-metal. Inert. Only when you introduce a PERSON to them do they become problematic.

Which proves my point. Unless you are psychotic, killing someone with a knife, baseball bat – or just your hands and feet – is pretty TOUGH. But pointing a gun at them and squeezing the trigger is a whole lot EASIER. And likewise, once you have someone hooked on the “opium” that is religion – they are putty in your hands.

So I am not saying that getting rid of guns and religion would solve all of the World’s ills – people are too greedy and stupid for that – but it would be a damn good START…


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