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Damien on… The Donald And Tsai

Donald Trump

The Trumpster is in it again. Having accepted a congratulatory phone call from Taiwan’s President (she’s sixty – but at least a six) he has unwittingly (?) caused an almighty flap in Washington.

Tsai Ing-wen

The reason being that for decades, in order to maintain relations with China, America has played that country’s game of considering the former Formosa (named after a laminate) a Chinese Rogue State.

The absurd position China occupies over the island is long overdue an overhaul – but no-one in Washington is eager to enter THAT game.

However, America’s new President-elect has little love for the giant country that has waged a subtle and successful economic war on The States – and so cares little for China’s camp indignation and fury.

One wonders what those who are currently railing against Trump would say if Theresa “Leggy” May suddenly declared the USA to be a Rogue State of BRITAIN…


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