The World According To Damien
in a World gone mad – one sane voice emerges…

Damien on… Being Specific

So there was this bloke who lived alone – next door to two lesbians.

One day, they popped around to ask if he could fix their washing machine, as it had just sprung a leak and flooded their kitchen.

Being handy, he agreed to give it a try – and after a couple of hours of heaving and straining, managed to repair the faulty appliance.

They asked him how much he wanted for his trouble.

At first, he replied that he would not dream of charging neighbours for such work, but when they insisted on giving him SOMETHING – he paused, grinned and said, “I wanna WATCH.”

They said okay and invited him to return later that night.

At the appointed hour, having spraunced himself up, he knocked on their door. It opened and there stood the women. They presented him with a small box, smiled and closed the door.

He opened the box.

It contained a Rolex.

And it was a knock-off.


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