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Damien on… Trump And Political Correctness

Elsewhere in these observations, I have mused on how the success of Donald Trump – like the “Brexit” Leave Campaign – was largely down to the proles’ fear of foreign terrorism. But I accepted that in both cases, there were other factors.

And in the case of Trump – PC was certainly one of them.

Before the Seventies, casual racism, sexism and “homophobia” were, along with other social ills, de rigueur and when Political Correctness arrived, it initially improved things no end.

However, as is often the case with these things, the pendulum swung too far and eventually left people – particularly OLD people – feeling confused, bored and ultimately P*SSED OFF.

Then along came Trump who, despite being a billionaire (or more likely just a millionaire) was solidly BLUE COLLAR.

And as such, he had little time or patience for PC – which many found REFRESHING. So much so, that some folks undoubtedly voted for him not because of what he said – but the down-home way he SAID it.

Which only goes to show that PC can be as damaging to society as foreign terrorism…


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