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Damien on… Nigel Farage – Britain’s New Envoy To America?


This proposition sprang from Nigel’s recent fawning exercises at Trump’s rallies.

Not surprisingly, the suggestion has been met with DERISION by both Farage – who has refused to involve himself with Britain’s ruling Conservative party – and the British government, who have declared the (on and off) UKIP leader to be an “irrelevance”.

However, something FAR FROM irrelevant is the fact that only a few months ago, Britain’s Parliament was forced to debate having Trump BANNED FROM ENTERING the UK – as an undesirable alien!

At that time, a determination on the issue was SHELVED – doubtless to allow HMG time to see if the man became POTUS.

And, well …now he HAS.

Which means that the already-beleaguered (thanks to Brexit – which happened for exactly the same reason the US elected Trump) British government is soon going to have to address the MONUMENTALLY EMBARRASSING prospect of whether or not to BLOCK ENTRY – to the President Of The United States Of America!

And you thought 2016 was a ridiculous year…


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