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Damien on… The Reason TRUMP WILL WIN!!!

…is that, as House MD opined – people LIE.

They lie to their enemies, their friends – even themselves.

And they have NO qualms about lying to POLLSTERS – as was recently demonstrated, during the Brexit fiasco.

The thing is, no-one wants to appear racist, petty or greedy – even to a complete stranger they will never meet again.

Case in point; back in Seventies Britain, Japanese cars acquired a wholly undeserved reputation for RELIABILITY. The truth was, they were no more reliable than the Fords, GMs and certainly the Leyland mass-produced cars of the time.

However, the devious Japanese marketers realised that when a British rep, service engineer, area manager or whomever is spending HOURS in his car, buzzing up and down motorways – having an FM stereo radio-cassette with four speakers instead of an AM radio with just ONE – and velour seats instead of plastic – plus electric windows, heated seats, you get the idea – becomes a BIG DEAL.

And so they put “L” model equipment in their entry-level models, “XL” in their “L”s, “GXL” in their “XL”s – again, you get the idea.

But when girls with clipboards at motor shows asked those reps, engineers et al WHY they preferred the rice-burner to the home-made products, they felt SILLY admitting it was the TOYS – so they all said the first thing that came into their heads that would make them LOOK GOOD.

And this is why the UK pollsters had NO IDEA that the British were scared sh*tless about foreign terrorism – and figured escaping Europe would help SAVE them from it; give them control of their borders.

Which, across The Pond, is exactly why many support TRUMP.

Of course, these poor deluded saps have not realised that most of the terrorists are CITIZENS, not aliens (“…the call came from INSIDE the house.”)

And NONE of them are going to admit to POLLSTERS that they FEAR “foreigners” – it might make them look RACIST. So they LIE.

In the case of the UK’s Leavers, they gave their reasons as financial – and some claimed they would vote (and to exit pollsters, HAD voted) REMAIN.

While RIGHT NOW, stateside, people who have every intention of voting for Trump are telling pollsters they will be placing their X next to Old Ma Clinton.

Wouldn’t YOU? Only an ARSEHOLE would admit to ANYONE that they will be voting for The Orange One.

And so Hillary has booked a barge loaded with fireworks to sit on the Hudson – then LET RIP on command, at some point after the closing of the polls.

Naturally, such displays do not happen spontaneously; they require a lot of organisation (and money) – and permission from the NY Mayor’s Office – so she HAD to set up the affair in advance.

But THIS reporter believes her actions will prove to be PREMATURE – not to mention deeply EMBARRASSING.

Because all across America, there are a whole BUNCH of people who, once again, are going to make fools of the pollsters – because they asked questions the public were NOT prepared to answer TRUTHFULLY.

This is BEYOND DOUBT. The only question LEFT is – HOW MANY POINTS are they worth?

Right now, Trump lags Hillary by five points. However, how many “INVISIBLE” points does he have?

I predict SIX.

And give you (I can’t believe I’m actually saying this) – PRESIDENT TRUMP.


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