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Damien on… No-one Ever Dies On “The Blacklist”

…at least, none of… …hey look, you should only read this if you like The Blacklist AND are up to date with the American transmissions of same – okay? If not, naff off.

So where was I? Oh yes, PLENTY of people get killed in this series – but the ones we LIKE always come BACK.

This runs totally counter to the norm, where major characters regularly get knocked off due to contract negotiation breakdowns, substance abuse, personal issues – or they got head-hunted for a bigger rôle in another show (always a gamble, that one).

At various times during the last four years; Tom Keen has been shot by Liz, Tom has shot smugbastard Solomon, Dembe (Red’s right hand man) has gotten shot by Pee-wee Herman (Paul Reubens) and Liz has had an ARDUOUS death.

But NONE of them ACTUALLY DIED!! Tom recovered, Solomon just disappeared – leaving a pool of blood (he will return in the spin-off) Dembe also recovered (it would take a BAZOOKA to kill him; he is a BIG MAN) and Liz’ death was entirely BOGUS (staged, to fool Red). 

And now, because of that, Red has shot “Mister” Kate Kaplan. Yet while, like all the others, he is a PRO using a GUN at POINT BLANK RANGE – as he walked away, we clearly saw her scrawny little hand TWITCHING.

I am just waiting to see Red walk down a street and a safe falls onto his head – then a truck swerves and flattens it and him – then a sink-hole opens up and swallows the whole pavement – under which a lava flow…

…and yet STILL he turns up in the next episode, looking dapper as ever, with that BLOODY fedora of his…



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