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Damien on… The Grim Reaper

It began with David Bowie – then, in ten weeks, it has included Keith Emerson, Paul Daniels, ​Alan Rickman, Lemmie, Sylvia Anderson, Terry Wogan, Ken Adam, Cliff Michelmore, Ed Stewart, Frank Sinatra Jr., Sir George Martin, Tom Mullica, Douglas Slocombe and Alan Haven.


Now I’m OLD, is it going to be like this CONTINUOUSLY??


4 Responses to “Damien on… The Grim Reaper”

  1. From the author: and now it’s Garry Shandling – when will this STOP? Or at least, slow DOWN a bit…

  2. Now Ronnie Corbett!!

  3. DAMN, you’re right. That makes SEVENTEEN in three months – eighteen, if you include Larry Drake (a bit obscure perhaps – the guy who played Benny The Brain in “LA Law” – “Crossroads” did not have the exclusive on them) – which is an average of one dead celeb every FIVE DAYS.

    And this is a BRITISH thing; whilst a few of The Fallen were Yanks, most were Brits – and most of those, unknown in America.

    So as usual, we must suffer alone…

  4. Alternative reply: so now it’s goodnight from him?

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