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Damien on… Mickey Mouse For President

Since almost ANY American can run for POTUS, the ballot forms have to have a “write name in” panel at the bottom of the list of “serious” candidates.

This is called Democracy.

Thus inevitably, Mickey Mouse, Alfred E. Neumann, Howard Stern and other sillies collect significant numbers of votes in every election.

This too is called Democracy.

However, the democratic process (usually) eliminates the possibility of fringe, extremist and outright looney candidates from actually gaining office, as they do not receive enough votes.

But this year, it is increasingly looking like that process may FAIL in the USA. There is now a very REAL possibility that Donald Trump could WIN.

Which HAS to be akin to Mr Mouse HIMSELF winning!

And if Trump IS nominated, voters will not even have to write a name on the ballot form – it will already be PRINTED there.

Furthermore, if elected, The Donald can take solace from the fact that no matter how badly he screws things up, he will NEVER be known as The Worst American President Ever. That boat has already sailed.

I give you Mr George Wan… sorry, WaLker Bush.


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