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Damien on… Racism And Recordable DVDs

I recall a TV show where a young person was talking with an elderly person and then they said something which assumed the elder was a racist. At which point, said elder stopped them and said, “Now hang on, you’re assuming because I’m old I must be a racist – that makes YOU an AGEIST.”

It was a great line (which is why I remember it) but the truth is that these days, for that to be true the person would have to be over 70.

I’m 63 and a Child Of The Sixties – and we INVENTED anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, etc.

Then came the Children Of The Seventies, who proceeded to mess everything up, with their Political Correctness – leaving everyone confused and paranoid.

But what has this to do with recordable DVDs?

Well, it occurred to me there is a parallel to be drawn; imagine DVD-players are white folks and recordable DVDs are immigrants – while OLD DVD-players CLAIM to play ALL disks, the fact is when it comes to recordable DVDs – they just don’t LIKE them!

All my MODERN players are FINE with recordable DVDs – but my old machines bicker, act irrationally and frequently REJECT them…


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