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Damien on… World War Three

Ask any British school-child (who has been paying attention) when World Wars One and Two began and ended and they will say 1914-18 and 1939-45.

But put the same question to an American kid and you will get 1916-18 and 1941-45.

And in Spain, China or Japan – yet more alternative start dates.

While Peninsula Malaysia and South Korea will generate different END dates.

And of course, plenty of countries were sensible enough to stay OUT of the conflicts altogether.

Which is remarkably similar to World War Three.

Inevitably, America started it when they accidentally WON the Cold War. This theoretical conflict served both the American and Russian governments well, allowing them to justify maintaining gigantic militaries, both to the rest of the World – and their own taxpayers.

But it all came crashing down in 1991, when America overplayed its hand. They had invented a fictitious high-tech ICBM defence system called the Strategic Defence Initiative (“Star Wars”) and Russia, with its Communist system – which fails to reward initiative, resulting in technological stagnation – had no answer to it.

So the USSR GAVE UP – leaving Washington to invent a NEW Evil Empire.

And so they nominated the Middle East, who were sitting on the OIL that by now, America desperately needed – with their own oil barely covering a quarter of their consumption.

The Middle East was low-tech, splintered and disorganised, so what was the worst that could happen? They found out in 2001 (“9/11”).

But while that (reversed) date might be thought of by Americans as World War Three’s start date, like with the two previous major conflicts, other countries differ.

In Spain, it was 2004 (“11-M” – the Madrid Train Bombings).

In Britain, 2005 (“7/7” – either way round – the London Bombings).

And in France – ALL of last year.

Thanks America – here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten us into.

Naturally, Washington would claim that the above (and many more) events were merely isolated, uncoordinated terrorist atrocities – not a WAR.

But as usual, they would be WRONG. To understand why, we need to understand the NATURE of war.

In the Nineteen-Teens, it was low-tech, all-embracing, brutal trench warfare – culminating with the Great American Plague. And thanks to stupid, greedy politicians failing to tie things up properly, it was only around twenty years before World War Two kicked off.

But this time, thanks to better tech – long-range bombers, rockets, submarines, radar, code-breakers and ultimately, nuclear bombs – it was a very different experience.

And with the gap between that conflict and the current one having stretched to around HALF A CENTURY, it is inevitable that this war is a QUANTUM LEAP from the last.

Back in the Sixties, we imagined that World War Three would be all nuclear devices and laser weaponry. However, a nuclear war would eliminate every living creature larger than a cockroach. And laser weapons are impractical – their uses are limited and they require GIGANTIC power-supplies.

No, following the disastrous and bloody Vietnam War, America invented a whole range of high-tech “stealth” weaponry that could drop a bomb down an enemy’s chimney, without even disturbing the next door neighbours’ TV-watching.

But after having used a slew of these very EXPENSIVE toys, America has barely made a dent in the enemy’s “homeland” forces.

However, it is not them that WE have to fear.

Would-be President (it could happen) Donald Trump believes he can make America safe by firming up his nation’s borders. But he is kidding himself. The enemy is already IN America.

Back in 1941, America dragged all its people with Japanese heritage out of their homes and plonked them into internment camps. Some hundred and twenty thousand people in all – sixty percent of whom were registered US citizens.

If the Donald used Executive Power to do likewise, he would be looking at imprisoning THREE MILLION PEOPLE.

And they are only those who have declared their faith.

Imagine you are living in an urban cul-de-sac in San Bernardino.

In addition to your house, there are three others. A family of middle-eastern appearance lives in one, a black family in another and a white family in the last. Spot the terrorist.

It could be ANY OF THEM.

So as we wave goodbye to 2015, it is worth considering that we are Living In Interesting Times…


3 Responses to “Damien on… World War Three”

  1. I agree with most of what you say but take issue with your first sentence. From what I see of contestants on UK TV quiz shows who have passed through the “education system” in the last 30 years, they are likely to excuse their total ignorance of the answer with…..

    “Errrm, I didn’t do history at school!”

    As if that’s a perfectly acceptable excuse!

    You and I didn’t have to be taught stuff at school to KNOW about it!!

    Thanks for finding yet another raw nerve to touch!


  2. Yes, we having been in the “A” stream (albeit in a lowly high school) it is easy to forget that not everyone DOES know these basic facts. Then again, as you point out – our history syllabus did not reach WW2 (in ’69, you had to study history at COLLEGE to cover that) thus our knowledge of that period is just “general” knowledge. Something many today appear to lack…

  3. World War 3 involved the West v Stalinism & Maoism in episodes such as Korea and Vietnam. It ended as the Soviet Union ended. World War 4 is what is going on now and it is too dangerous for the ordinary citizen to discuss the details..

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