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Damien on… Antitheism

When I was nine years old, I had an epiphany; I realised that Santa Claus, fairies, goblins and God were man-made MYTHS.

And in the fifty-four years since, I have seen nothing to dispossess me of that realisation.

However, while atheism is perfectly acceptable amongst thinking people today, half a century ago, you were looked upon with suspicion – even outright hostility.

I recall that at age eleven, our class (the “A” stream) was given a questionnaire which included the issue of our religion. I wrote down that I was “too intelligent to believe in such rubbish.”

Now you have to remember back in ’63, schools still had “Morning Assembly” – consisting of twenty minutes of hymns and prayers, followed by ten minutes of “announcements” – and the CANE.

Thus when my teacher called me out and stated that HE believed in “such rubbish” I figured I was in trouble – but in the event, he was refreshingly COOL about the whole matter and my arse remained inviolate (on THAT occasion).

Nevertheless, in those days, few people appearing in the witness-box of a court took the option of Affirming (a perfectly legal procedure, with the same penalties for those who are later proven to have LIED) for fear of alienating the judge and/or jury – particularly if they were the ACCUSED.

And again, in those days, couples checking into a hotel double-room had to have the same surnames – or be the same sex.

While doctors were only supposed to prescribe the newly-arrived Pill to married women over twenty-five, who had at least one kid.

However these days, society has moved FORWARD; the Pill is pretty much available on demand – two adults of any sex and/or name can check into a hotel double-room and the receptionist will only look up if their plastic is not in order – and “I wish to Affirm” is frequently heard in court.

And if some prat claims a “non-believer” has NO belief, the answer that they believe in MANY things – just not some clearly made-up DEITY – tends to shut them up.

So now that atheism has been generally accepted by modern society, I believe the time has come for us to move forward AGAIN.

The term Religious Tolerance has long been understood to mean tolerance of OTHER religions – but I believe it is high time to END tolerance of ALL religions.

Given RECENT EVENTS (with doubtless more to come) religion MUST be relegated to the PAST – atheism being replaced by ANTITHEISM.

Religious apologists claim only the EXTREMISTS create problems, but even the so-called “moderate” religions dictate to people what they may eat, drink and wear. And tell them how to live; interfering with their social behaviour, their family planning – and even convincing them to allow the genital mutilation of their babies.

And I have not even STARTED with the excesses of a certain OTHER group (nor will I – those lunatics KILL people).

But imagine a World WITHOUT religion, where women and gays would finally achieve EQUALITY, the REASON for half the wars and most terrorism would VANISH – and just think of all the time, effort and MONEY that would be saved.

In any case, we have now entered the Third Millennium – thus it is well PAST time that Man GREW UP.

By now, we should have had permanent bases on Mars – and more importantly, have ended disease and poverty. Not to mention have developed free, clean and renewable energy.

And had we sloughed off the SCOURGE of religion a thousand years ago, we WOULD have.

These retarded superstitions have slowed the Ascent Of Man for TOO long. Thus we HAVE to move BEYOND them – before they drag us all back to the Dark Ages.

So the next time someone asks you your religion, stand proud and declare yourself to be an ANTITHEIST.

And if they ask why, direct them to any newspaper…


2 Responses to “Damien on… Antitheism”

  1. Beautifully put!

    I have long held the belief that rather than any ONE of the “established” religions being right, it was rather more likely that all of them were wrong!

    When I read Robert Graves’ “The Greek Myths” it was finally brought home to me that all Gods stem from primitive superstitions invented to explain how Nature, Weather, Agriculture etc. worked – in the absence of any knowledge of Science.

    Even the stories have been re-badged, recast and foisted on the gullible “faithful” as “the word of God” over and over through recorded (and, presumably, unrecorded) history.

    I think we might have abandoned these fairy stories and fully embraced a logical, scientific approach to life but for the fear, much exploited by priests and shamen, of what happens when our bodies cease to exist. To keep everyone in line and satisfied with an unnecessarily unpleasant life they thereby invented the concepts of heaven and hell – Reward and Punishment in the next life.

    I understand this – I am almost entirely human myself – the problem is what you replace that stuff with in a way that addresses the fear while doing away with the ludicrous harps and pitchforks.

    How about this: If we have, by our very nature, to believe that some immaterial part of us lingers on after the material part is done why should we not all get together “out there” somewhere as the collective mind of the universe. Arthur C. Clarke referred to this once as “The Cosmic Overmind”.

    I like to think this happens and it doesn’t involve me, or anyone, having to preach, convert or in any other way try to coerce others to believe the same.

    It’s up to you – think for yourselves.


    Definitely an Antitheist

  2. THANKS for that. Echo ALL you say. I have written several pieces in these columns on the general subject of atheism – but given recent events, decided to move BEYOND, to Antitheism.

    Religion does indeed spring from three needs; answers to the unanswerable questions (meaning of life, etc.) need for a father-figure – and, as you say, the promise of an after-life.

    And yes, the last of those needs has enabled the priests and shamen to EXPLOIT Man for MILLENNIA.

    But now, the whole nonsense has gotten out of CONTROL.

    In the past, we had the Inquisition (no-one expected that) and Crusades. However, more recently – those excesses being ancient history – religion was thought to be harmless. Along with those who practiced it.

    But ever since America accidentally won the Cold War (the “Star Wars” con) and thus needed a new “evil empire” to justify its massive military machine to the US taxpayer and more importantly, the Rest Of The World – and chose The Arab Nation to sub for Russia – the Rest Of The World has had to suffer the effects from the whacked hornets’ nest that resulted.

    This has happened before; think Pearl Harbor (Harbour). The Japanese aim there was just to stop the US interfering with their aspirations; empire-building in SE Asia. They TOTALLY under-estimated the American response.

    And now, thanks to The States, we have cells of angry religious fanatics in every Western city – just waiting to STRIKE civilians.

    Furthermore, many have no direct connection to the terrorist organisations they support. These days, Al Qaeda and its Whack-A-Mole descendent, ISIL are largely CONCEPTUAL. And a side-product of the Social Network.

    Meaning ANY nut-job can go and shoot HUMAN fish in a barrel, for The Cause. Some do not even have middle-eastern roots.

    Therefore, the assorted security services have NO chance of stopping many of the attacks that I am sure we are in for. Even bombing every ISIL member in their “home state” will make no difference – the threat is NEXT DOOR.

    A hornets’ nest, Pandora’s Box Of Troubles, The Genie’s Bottle, the Dogs Of War – once unleashed…

    …2016 could turn out to be a SERIOUSLY bad year…

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