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Damien on… Area 51

Like everyone else, I have seen those documentaries where guys try to approach this legendary place and get warned off by heavily armed militia, then show planes taking off from Las Vegas with blacked-out windows – and get told by officials that there is no such PLACE as Area 51. Plus the base’s borders have been pushed back now, so you cannot even see the place through long lenses.

All of which means “THEY” really want to keep the place SUPER hush-hush, right? Well, you would THINK so. However, just for the hell of it I decided to see what it looked like on Google Earth. But since I had heard Dead-eye Dick Cheney’s place was PIXELISED on the service (Dead-eye was probably sunbathing nude when the satellite went over – and NO-ONE wants to see THAT) I was not expecting much.

How wrong I was.

I input “groomlakenevada”, the ACTUAL name of the area (figuring Google Earth would hardly be likely to respond to “Area 51”) and after floating round the dried-up lake for a few seconds, I spotted an airstrip, with roads and buildings. It LOOKED like the right place. I zoomed down and as I approached the ground, a flag came up.

It said – “Area 51”!

WHAT???! Yes. In fact, I discovered you can just input “area51” and save yourself the chore of searching Groom Lake. And the satellite picture is as sharp and clear as DAY. With the airstrip, roads and buildings – even craters where they tested nukes in the Fifties – all clearly labelled as points of interest.

Of course, conspiracy theorists will say the pics have been doctored – but HOW? I mean, it is all THERE. Everything you would expect to see on a military base in the desert. What the hell did they EXPECT to see? Back-engineered flying saucers parked on the hanger aprons?

I suspect that all of that security on the ground is only there to stop a working military base being overrun by geeks, nerds, cranks, weirdos – and umpteen TV documentary crews making yet ANOTHER bloody programme about the “mysterious” goings-on at Area 51!


One Response to “Damien on… Area 51”

  1. Thanks for that. It saves me the bother of checking the on-the-ground location. It saves me the boring business of evaluating the strident hysteria and obvious nonsense coming from the pea-brain loony left (as distinct from honest socialists and questioners).

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