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Damien on… America: Land Of The… Free?

Elsewhere in these columns I have remarked upon how in England you can freely make love with a sixteen-year-old, have sex with a prostitute and do many other things that Stateside, would result in your incarceration (hell, UK girls may even overlook Americans’ lack of chest-hair and foreskin).

And do not even get me STARTED on the issue of SMOKING.

But here is another one – American BANKS.

Now we are all familiar with their monumental corruption – they nearly broke the World a few years back – but at a local level, they are even worse.

F’rinstance, let us say you are English and have just returned from a holiday in the US. You managed to avoid getting tased, arrested or shot – survived their LITTLE pints of acidic beer – and have twenty of their bucks left.

So you take it to the bank and change it for your larger Pounds. Then you pay the money into your account. But later that same day, you decide to buy some REAL beer, so you hit the ATM.

And if you withdraw that twenty bucks – it is STILL WORTH TWENTY BUCKS (minus about 20 cents).

However, if you are a YANK, things are a bit different; in addition to the usual one percent exchange differential, they’ll hit you with a FEE of SEVERAL DOLLARS – then the ATM will clip you ANOTHER THREE.

By the time the bastards are finished – you might owe THEM money!


One Response to “Damien on… America: Land Of The… Free?”

  1. Unknowingly, I did the right thing when I did a trip (first of three) to LA, CA, USA… I got my return flight and accommodation booked and paid for at the travel agent in UK. So I did not need to draw $$ from a US bank. On trip three, I booked and paid (in UK) for studio tours as well.

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