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Damien on… Bernie Sanders

So I am NOT the only Liberal Socialist in the World – it turns out Bernie “Feel The Bern” Sanders is one too.

However, I suspect his chances of becoming POTUS 2016 are about as good as MINE (I was born in England).

I mean, current incumbent Barry Obama is a LONG way to the right of Bernie and yet he has spent the last seven years butting heads with the most intransigent, knuckle-headed, bloody-minded, right-wing Congress in HISTORY – including those supposedly on HIS SIDE. So what makes Bernie think he can fare any better?

Plus there is his age to consider; if elected, he would be 75 when he assumed office. And 83 when he left it, if he stood for – and won – a second term.


It is sad that both “liberal” and “socialist” are dirty words these days (the latter, thanks to Blair). Liberal means free and generous – and socialism is for The People. What the hell is wrong with THAT?

So I wish him all the best; he IS currently well ahead of Old Ma Clinton in the polls – and only Trump seems to be doing anything on the other side. But then, while merely A Week Is A Long Time In Politics (so said Harold Wilson) – a YEAR is a HELL of a long time…


One Response to “Damien on… Bernie Sanders”

  1. I will be 75 on space-date 58:362 (year:day, Sputnik-1-based) aka 30:09:2015 common-era and I have gravitated politically back to my adolescent position.

    I had never heard of Bernard Sanders. Good luck to him if he is indeed a good Liberal Socialist, rather than delivering the usual BS.

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