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Damien on… President Trump – Could It Actually HAPPEN?

I’ll let you into a secret; a small part of me (a very DARK part) hopes it DOES.

It would probably COST me, but it would almost be WORTH it – for the ENTERTAINMENT value!

And as for America; well, they say a country gets the police and government it deserves – and given the best US president in my lifetime (currently, 63 years) has spent his last seven years being blocked at every turn by the most intransigent Congress (BOTH sides) in history – and hated by at least half its citizens, just for trying to HELP them – they DESERVE TRUMP.

But what are his chances?

At the moment, they are looking spookily GOOD. He may regret signing that pledge not to stand as an independent (Trump is not too smart; he blew his last run at the White House, by handcuffing himself to a dead hooker called Bertha – make that Birther – and not laughing at Seth Meyers’ jokes at the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner) as the GOP fear and loathe him.

But then, who else have they got?

A bunch of no-hopers and losers, as Trump himself would doubtless call them – and as usual, he would be RIGHT.

They include yet another damn Bush, a closeted homosexual (YOU guess who) and a guy (Bobby Jindal) who looks like an Indian Alfred E. Neuman.

So if he DOES get nominated, who will he be facing? Old Ma Clinton may still be thought of as a slam-dunk for HER party – but many do not trust her. Plus she did come SECOND to Obama.

While Uncle Joe Biden is too OLD and did not support Obama’s main victory thus far – the Bin Liner Hit.

And Bernie Sanders is even older than Biden – plus he looks like the Doc, from the “Back To The Future” movies.

All of which means that in 18 months, the Oval Office could JUST be occupied by… no, REALLY? Come ON!


2 Responses to “Damien on… President Trump – Could It Actually HAPPEN?”

  1. My attitude is: Trump is the sort who will learn fast and not be afraid to reverse a policy as soon as the need for it becomes obvious. He is a realist.

  2. This was an old piece! Graham and Jindal are history – but Bush 3 is still there. There is an UPDATE to this piece at – – to which I would now add the following…

    Trump is a typical billionaire; not too intelligent – but with “street-smarts”.

    Which means that if he actually MAKES it to the White House, he will need a SLEW OF EXPERTS to enable him to do the job. He’s a great BARKER, but his grasp of the REALITIES of that job – and World politics in general – is slim.

    He’s “one of the guys” – a “Mr Smith” – a blue collar man made good. Additionally, has the appeal of a guy who is too rich to be bought. And following the ’08 Crash, he is STILL rich – which is encouraging, to those who fear a REPEAT…

    But if he wants to be taken SERIOUSLY, he HAS to get himself a “posse” who can turn that honesty into PRACTICALITY!

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