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Damien on… The NRA – Yet Another Fail

So a “disgruntled” local news reporter falls out with two of his former colleagues – a cameraman and a female reporter.

Now if this had happened anywhere else, the guy (who was at best short-tempered and more likely, totally psychotic) might have ventilated the guy’s car-tyres and posted the woman something brown, smelly and unpleasant.

But no, this happened in AMERICA – Land Of The Free, where any idiot can buy a gun – and many do. And so he shot and killed them both, live on air.

Furthermore, to publicize his actions to the max, he recorded the killing on his mobile phone (held the wrong way up – thus demonstrating why he had been a reporter, rather than a cameraman) and uploaded it onto the Social Network.

(It has since been blocked, but you can find it easily enough).

Then, while being chased by the cops, he blew HIMSELF away.

Nice one, NRA. Another winner.

Of course, those arseholes would doubtless claim that if EVERYONE in The States were tooled up, the incident would have ended differently.

Sure; give three hundred and twenty million self-obsessed, paranoid drama-queens guns and tell me how THAT works out…


2 Responses to “Damien on… The NRA – Yet Another Fail”

  1. ……and then we could repopulate what would then be the empty US of A with nice respectable Brits and Canadians, leaving Britain to the illegal immigrants and benefit cheats. All works out rather well!

    Oh, and if you want to annoy an NRA member or similar US right wing nut-job just tell them the 2nd Amendment had a typo on the word “bear” (as in “the right to bear arms”. It was meant to be “bare” and was intended to apply to t-shirts not firearms!


  2. LOL! Little bit o’ politics – and one of Alfie’s puns there!

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