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Damien on… Road Rage And Work-Related Stress Nervous Breakdowns – A Correlation?

Road Rage is generally thought to be committed by people with issues – damaged people – you know – arseholes.

And this is probably largely true.

However, there is another phenomenon which may be at least PARTIALLY responsible – work-related stress nervous breakdowns.

WAY down this column is a piece on the subject ( in which this writer describes a scenario where an office worker who has been doing their job for a decade one day spills their coffee – then goes POSTAL.

But supposing that worker were a sales rep, area manager, surveyor, service engineer – or any one of a VAST number of occupations where they spend half their working day on the road?

This reporter used to BE a service engineer and can report that fixing machines (even difficult ones – he enjoyed a challenge) is a breeze, compared with the arduous task of DRIVING from gig to gig.

Thus if he had not walked AWAY before his W-RSNB, the chances are far more likely he would have had it while behind the WHEEL – than while fiddling around with wires and components.

The maniacal exploits of some road rage arseholes would seem to bear this theory out. However, it is impossible to PROVE, since said arseholes – if they end up in court – would rather take their lumps, than go through a psych evaluation.

So how many of them were having a MELTDOWN at the time of their offence will likely never be known.

But it HAS to be some; so the next time YOU are motoring – try not to piss anyone OFF!


4 Responses to “Damien on… Road Rage And Work-Related Stress Nervous Breakdowns – A Correlation?”

  1. The advanced computerised monitoring and control technologies of today surely make it possible to automatically switch off any given vehicle’s engine if it exceeds the speed limit on any given stretch of road and/or in any given set of circumstances. As a given dangerous driver’s vehicle is immobilised (until the tow-away vehicle takes it to the scrap yard) the speeder can knock himself (rarely herself) out. Do the Knees Up Mother Brown, Do the Highland Fling. Do the Cossack Dance. Do the Hokey Kokey. Throw yourself in front of a truck. Who cares? As long as you are not behind the wheel, and are off the road (except in the sense of being a bloody squashed mess) fine. No need to clog up the courts with a charge and trail. You see how easy life could be if only you guys and gals would vote for ME to be in charge? Thanks for the interesting challenge. Happy to help any time. I have quit cycling and now ride the bus.

  2. As an ex-pro driver of nearly a million miles (if there was a road from the Earth to the Moon, I would be almost back now – for the SECOND time) I can see a few problems with vehicles that would cut out, if the driver exceeded the speed limit (speed doesn’t kill anyway – only INAPPROPRIATE speed).

    Like, supposing you are overtaking a truck and put on a burst of speed to get you safely past, before you become a bonnet ornament on a truck coming the other way – then your engine dies…

  3. The possibility of your engine cutting out if you speed would convince you not to impatiently TRY to pass the truck in the FIRST place. Speed that exceeds the limit IS inappropriate. I forgot to mention another penalty I, as Dictator In Control, would impose on drivers found to suffer from speed greed: chopping off hands and feet. The pushy sods would learn to accept speed limitations as they crawled around the floor at home eating out of the dog’s dish.

  4. OUCH! Well, you just have to TRUST your car won’t let you down, mechanically. I mean, even plodding down an empty street at 29 MPH can end in tears if a WHEEL falls off…

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