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Damien on… Donald Trump Vs John McCain

I cannot believe I am saying this – but Trump is RIGHT.

He was almost always right when deciding who to fire, on his TV show – and he is right about McCain.

A “war hero” is the guy who crawls across a mine-field to rescue a fallen comrade – or single-handedly captures a machine-gun nest.

But McCain got captured (shot down, while on a bombing mission) and spent years being tortured and confined, as a POW.

Which simple fact makes him a LOSER, not a hero.

He had no CHOICE about his predicament. Only if he suffered as a result of refusing to give up information that would have benefitted the enemy could he be deemed a hero. But given his treatment was meted out over YEARS, this seems unlikely. What useful information could he have possessed after all that time?

So whether he kept his upper lip stiff or cried himself to sleep during his ordeal is irrelevant.

And as for the predicament itself, no-one FORCED him to go to war in the first place. War Is Hell – everyone knows that – but he took his chances and LOST. A war LOSER, that was McCain.

Yet for years, America’s OBSESSION with the “service” of its military personnel BLINDED itself to that simple fact – and McCain milked it for all it was worth.

And for years this reporter has asked how long it would be before McCain’s cover would be blown. Now it has – although by the LAST person he would have guessed would do it.

Of course Trump is an arsehole – but on this occasion, he is RIGHT.


2 Responses to “Damien on… Donald Trump Vs John McCain”

  1. I can agree with you here. Trump is obviously not a typical candidate, and tends to speak without thinking, yet on the other hand, this is refreshing in an age were many speakers can’t talk without teleprompters giving feeding them a pre-approved script to follow. And from my own personal viewpoint, the word “hero” is overused—big time. These days it seems that everyone who does anything notable is immediately classified as a hero. And the Vietnam war, and the actions McCain and others took to bury all evidence of any POW’s left behind could always be revisited. And when it come to Trump or McCain, I actually don’t happen to be a fan of either one of them.

  2. Agreed. A politician who “speaks their mind” may be refreshing, in a time of “spin-doctors” and other PR pukes – but then, one also has to consider what is ON their mind in the first place. And in Trump’s case… oh dear!

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