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Damien on… “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off”

Two days ago, I heard this nauseating song covered on BGT and was reminded of how far we have come since My Day – ALL DOWN.

This Anthem To Abstinence was written at the height of the AIDS scare and sung by a guy called Germaine who called himself an R&B artist (apparently, he had never heard of Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy or the recently departed BB King).

And here it was again.

Today, Pop Music is all covers – In My Day, we had the ORIGINALS.

Today, clothes are shades of black – In My Day they had COLOUR.

Today, the few movies made for grown-ups are all remakes – In My Day… …you get the point.

I PITY today’s generation. We Children Of The Sixties REJECTED sexual repression. We don’t have to take… BOLLOCKS!

We had our OWN Anthem. It was called If It Feels Good – DO IT!



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