The World According To Damien
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Damien on… “Designer Stubble”

For five minutes in the Eighties, this phenomenon was “trendy”.

However, in the Twenty-Teens, there are only two excuses for a man to sport it; one: he is in the transitional stage of growing a beard (in which case, he should AVOID public gaze as far as possible – like a man who recently got a nose job and now looks like he just pissed off Mike Tyson – until the process is complete) or two: he is a homeless person, a transient, a tramp – a BUM.

I understand some ladies actually LIKE their men to have stubble, their thinking (?) being it makes them look “rugged” – however, they have obviously never received oral pleasure from one, or they would think somewhat differently (those who have, know what I mean).

So if YOU are one of those idiots who think a few days not shaving will make you look butch – FORGET about travelling down-under. If you are planning THAT little trip – invest in a RAZOR, buddy-boy…


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