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Damien on… A CENTURY Of The British Party

Like a battered wife whose abusive husband has promised yet again to behave himself, the British public returns to the Polls today.

But where they put their little crosses (or ticks – which are normally discounted) will matter little.

The current general election ALMOST marks (just ten days shy) the CENTENARY of what I like to call the British Party.

Most people acknowledge Britain is a Two-Party country – despite several tries, no third party has had significant power since the 17th of May, 1915 (WW2 saw a three-party coalition; but it was ruled by Tory leader, Winston Churchill. Anyone remember the other two leaders? Precisely).

However, I would go further.

Given that both sides always “play the game” and NEVER SERIOUSLY rubbish the other side, no matter WHAT excesses they may inflict on the British public, I believe the time has come to accept the obvious: they are ONE PARTY.

Therefore, whichever “half” the British public elect today, the British Party will STILL rule – probably for the NEXT hundred years…


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