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Damien on… Harrison Ford’s Prang

I notice one of the spokesmen said he was the “solo” occupant of the plane. He should have said “sole” – but maybe he was trying to make a joke – which would have worked better if he had just said Harry was flying solo.

He should leave the jokes to me – like, I wonder if his HAT came off THIS time?!


4 Responses to “Damien on… Harrison Ford’s Prang”

  1. The Daily Mirror, and another tabloid today, lead with the story (following up from yesterday’s break), giving the proper names of Santa Monica Municiple Airport and the Penmar Golf Course. I have (in the past few years) been bemused at the number of both airports and golf courses in the Greater Los Angeles area.

    I am getting close to the point where the excitement I feel as I Google Earth thru the street level scenery of LA is quietening down.

    When I deleted all the pictures I had taken on my third visit (2013) I could definitely say that, non, je regretted rien, nothing, nada, because the Google car gets, I reckong, a few million images for every one that the most busily clicking tourist can manage.

    But, in any case, what impresses me now is that every time I take another shufty at a favourite major boulevard in Hollywood, I notice that the movie adverts have up dated. I can only conclude that the car, cars keep womble-ing around every few days!

    Interestingly, I lost all record of the variously-located Pepsi giant-skyscraper drop-down banners campaign. I might have kept each example but that would have required my being a keen collector…! Nah!

    None of that occurred to me. Radio Caroline’s Tony Paul reported the incident, placing Santa Monica Municipal Airport, and Penmar Golf Course, in Venice (which is indeed the local part of Santa Monica next to which it all happened).

    Tony also said that there are lots of British journalists living in Venice. I often look at Venice Beach promenade over the street level of Google Earth. It is my second fave. The first is Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of the Stars section, naturally…

    So handy that someone built a golf course just in the right place to save dear ole Fordy when he pranged his private pop-around, hop-around, sky-mobile, aka drop-in-anytime buggy.

  2. The joke regarding Indy’s hat was MINE (Indiana Jones’ hat NEVER comes off during his action scenes) – although I’m sure it occurred to others!

  3. Oh I see! I have seen all the moves but I do not remember that detail.

  4. Oh yeah! I’m talking about the Indiana Jones series – not Star Wars. Despite the most STRENUOUS activities, Indy NEVER loses that fedora – he’s famous for it.

    The original notion was it’d give stunt doubles a way to hide their faces from shot – but it became a running gag. One time, Harry was being interviewed and he took a stapler (which he’d EMPTIED earlier) and when called away for a take, pretended to STAPLE the hat to his HEAD!

    The interviewer duly reported the fact and began an urban myth that continues to this day!

    p.s. I just noticed – I’m wearing MY fedora in my avatar, which is next to this comment!

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