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Damien on… “The Peace Process”

This term has been bandied about for DECADES – usually concerning the Arab-Israeli conflicts. But is it not a gigantic OXYMORON? (For those who ain’t good at English like what I am – that means a contradiction in terms).

I mean, the definition of the word “process” is a course of action that changes one condition into another. In this case, obviously – war into peace.

But despite those decades of jaw-jaw, NOTHING has changed AT ALL.

The centuries – nay MILLENNIA – of wars between these middle-eastern tribes carry on and will doubtless continue forever.

So why not be HONEST and call it The Peace INITIATIVE – then we KNOW it’ll be an utter waste of time…


One Response to “Damien on… “The Peace Process””

  1. Well said. Beliefs lacking science back-up, ensure Peace is not a seed that grows in sweet rain & sunshine of truth but shrivels in fires of hate & myth.

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