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Damien on… A Simple Truism

In the six years (wow, really?) I have been writing these columns, I have touched several times on “-isms” – racism, sexism and others.

But I believe all of these issues can be SUMMED UP quite simply – so here goes…

The factors that go to make up a human fall into two distinct groups.

Group One consists of – but is not limited to: age, race, nationality, colour, socio-economic background, IQ, sex, sexual orientation, height and disabilities.

While Group Two consists of – but is not limited to: creed, political orientation, values, tastes (music, clothes, food, etc.) lifestyle, goals, hobbies and habits.

And while it is DESPICABLE to criticise, belittle or attack someone over factors in Group One – it is ACCEPTABLE, over factors in Group Two.

The reason being that Group One’s factors are aspects of a person which they CANNOT CHANGE. They are BORN with them.

However, the factors in Group Two are all learned and developed, during a person’s lifetime. And they CAN CHANGE them.

Thus if you believe a person’s politics, values, religion or lifestyle is pants – by all means criticise, belittle or attack (verbally, of course) them.

But if you have issues with their race, colour, sexual orientation or IQ – KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF.


2 Responses to “Damien on… A Simple Truism”

  1. Once again, you give us the simple answer. Just quit bugging people about what they cannot change about themselves! Indeed! But what they COULD change, which bugs you, knock yourself out? No. If they are bigger than you are, THEY might knock YOU out. So: make your suggestions tactful, and fact-full, and packed-full matey verbals. OK, another cyrusquick Comment joins the world wide cloud along with all the other well-intentioned efforts to create a better world out of a bitter world.

  2. A great comment – nearly half the length of the PIECE! And inciteful too. This piece was a simple analysis of the “-isms” that are evil and those that are okay – but you’re RIGHT; there’s nothing more IRRITATING than some bugger telling you how you should BEHAVE!

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