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Damien on… Obama – Six Years In – What Now?

These days, Obama has accepted that no matter how much he tries to appease his government, they will continue to shit all over him and block – or at least dissipate – his every move.

His attempts at conciliation began even before he won office, during the debates with that little prat, McCain. And McCain’s reaction set the tone for what would follow.

So thus far – aside from nailing Bin Liner – Obama has been hog-tied by the most intransigent, lazy, BLOODY-minded Congress in history.

But now that he has become RESIGNED to the fact he is surrounded by right-wing arseholes – including that orange-faced prick, Boehner (who cannot even pronounce his own name properly) – he has finally realised that if he wants to get anything done, it is time to BECOME The Most Powerful Man In The World.

Which means using Presidential Privilege.

For my British readers, I should explain that unlike in your country, where the Speaker is non-partisan and the Prime Minister rules, the US President only has real power if he is a right-wing arsehole.

A Democratic one is about as much use as a one-legged man at an arse-kicking contest.

However he does have ONE weapon in his arsenal; Presidential (AKA Executive) Privilege. This is normally reserved for those times when a decision needs to be made that cannot be put through Channels (like the one he made, to nail the afore-mentioned Bin Liner).

But while its usage has always been more divergent – its definition has always been somewhat VAGUE. Thus in the past, Presidents have used it sparingly – like a fine wine.

Nevertheless, Obama has finally ripped the cork out and is preparing to drink straight from the bottle.

Of course, all of the right-wing arseholes are protesting at Barry’s cheek – spoiling their little game – and are talking of everything from impeachment to straight-up SUEING him. But he is unrepentant.

How far this long-overdue move will take him in his last two years in office – remains to be seen.

I for one wish him LUCK.

He will need it.


2 Responses to “Damien on… Obama – Six Years In – What Now?”

  1. We are in World War 4 and have been for some time. Certainly we need Obama to do the Churchill act. Certainly I wish him luck.

  2. Me again… his first Presidential Privilege needs to be Repeal of Prohibition (of drugs).

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