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Damien on… Love, American Style

This writer has mentioned before how Americans have changed the spellings, use and usage of as many words as they can, in order to try to convince themselves – if nobody else – that THEY invented the Language Of Shakespeare.

But a bizarre new example of this silliness has impinged itself on this historian’s ear; they now SWAP the words “like” and “love” AROUND.

This is just plain WEIRD; these two words have both been around for CENTURIES – with VERY specific definitions for each.

Do Americans REALLY imagine that the rest of the World is going to dutifully CHANGE these words’ meanings after all this time – simply because paranoid Yanks FEAR the word “love”?

If so, our ex-colonial friends – as they themselves would say – NEED TO GET REAL.


3 Responses to “Damien on… Love, American Style”

  1. Dear me! You are slagging off motivations that are not there. ‘Love’ is for family and friends. ‘Like’ is for all the rest. I have never made a close study but I expect they get those two the right way round, surely?

    Aside from their foreign policy, and religious beliefs, I cannot think of any fault with citizens of the USA (the law-abiding ones of course). All I have met have been decent and polite ladies and gentlemen.

    Of course, poorly educated people of ANY culture will make grammatical errors.

  2. THIS one I stand firm on. A while back, I LOOKED UP “love” on Wiki – there was a LONG piece on it. And the word is generally accepted to cover a NUMBER of “classes” – ranging from Ideals, through Family Members, to Life-Partners.

    And LOVE of a life-partner is very SPECIFIC. Furthermore, that definition is echoed in countless poems and songs. Would the Beatles REALLY have charted with “She Likes You” (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)? I think not!

  3. Well that would certainly have made it a different song as in: “She likes you. Be careful you don’t seem to encourage her if you are not interested.”

    As to “You know that can’t be bad” I disagree. I experienced three young ladies, on the staff of the department store I worked in at 24, showing great interest in me. I had to be careful to try not to hurt them. It was my fault because I did not realise that you do not look at a girl AT ALL if you are not up for grabs. Long story.

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