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Damien on… Photoshopping For Real

Take two guys: the first is Nigel Farage – the leader of UKIP (for the benefit of American readers: UKIP is like the Tea Party, but without the guns) and a “Man Of The People”…

Nigel Farage

And the second is another Man Of The People – Jay Leno, former host of The Tonight Show…

Jay Leno

Now clearly, something is WRONG here. While Mr Farage has a face that is WAY too BIG for his head – Mr Leno’s is way too SMALL.

Hence the title of this piece. BOTH of these men need HELP…


One Response to “Damien on… Photoshopping For Real”

  1. I will be voting for Nigel’s lads and lasses on 22 May, and I think Jay is a good guy too. As for heads, I never noticed before… Are you sure it is not a glitch of the modern digital nechtology?

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