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Damien on… Corruption

I just heard that Britain (the land of my birth) is rated number 17 on the list of the World’s LEAST Corrupt countries.

So out of some 200-plus recognised nations, that means she is in pretty good shape, right?

Or IS she?

The thing is, casting aside the consideration that WELL-organised corruption goes undetected (and therefore logically would not be INCLUDED in the stats) exactly what PARAMETERS are they using?

I mean, there is your obvious, basic corruption: Brown Envelopes – then your more sophisticated corruption: Favours, Perks and the like – and finally, borderline stuff involving “Relationships”.

All of which rather goes against the British style of Fair Play (then again, these days…)

However one is left wondering whether consideration was given to the INSTITUTIONAL corruption with which Britain is riddled.

Like the fact that for almost a CENTURY now, the main two parties have systematically FIXED the electoral borders to virtually ENSURE no third party can ever take over from them.

For full details on THAT one, see a prophetic piece I wrote in these columns four years ago – just as Cleggy was trying to make what would eventually prove to be the WORST decision of his life…

THIS kind of corruption is part of the FABRIC of Britain – but was it considered as such by the people who created their World Corruption list? One suspects not.

For if it had, Britain would most likely have charted as the 17th MOST Corrupt country in the World.


2 Responses to “Damien on… Corruption”

  1. How much were they paid to put Britain at number 17, despite Britain not being a country?

  2. Hah! I never thought of that! Of course, you’re right. The report I read made the mistake – and I repeated it.

    But at least I know Africa isn’t a country either – unlike a certain American politician!

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