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Damien on… The Bullsh*t Awards

As I type this, the 2014 Oscars are in full flow (having PVRed it, I’ll skip through it later). And this represents the climax of the “awards season” – but there really should be another: The Bullsh*t Awards.

These would be conferred upon those in Western Big Business who have created the biggest pile (of bullsh*t, not just money) over the last year. And this has been a stellar year.

You have doubtless seen the re-appearance of ads trying to guilt people into avoiding “pirate” goods, by telling them they are funding terrorism.

But of course, they make no mention of the fact that if the goods being “pirated” were available at reasonable prices, said “pirating” would not exist.

So when people see copies of “name brand” goods being made at the factories next door and at the SAME QUALITY – but a tenth of the price – they figure why pay a fortune to Western ad-men and CEOs?

In any case, the terrorism argument is specious. If Big Business rips people off for goods they need, it is the same as when governments ban something desirable – like recreational drugs. The end result is they empower criminals. And organised crime often has links with terrorists.

The fault lies not with the consumer, but with Western Big Business and government.

And the fact they are one and the same does not help.

But thanks to the Interweb, this fact no longer controls the public’s spending habits.

Which has led to another recent development: the West’s persecution of Indian companies.

Manufacturing drugs like sildenafil citrate and selling them for one tenth of the rip-off price Pfizer arrogantly charges – has enraged the company that STUMBLED across this wonder-drug.

For fifteen years, this company – thanks to their control of Western governments – has managed to keep Viagra generics OUT of Western pharmacies.

But now that most people can obtain them direct, via the Interweb, Pfizer’s profits are DOWN. Oh boo-hoo.

And so these Big Businesses are trying to force the governments in their pockets to demonise those Indian companies.

However, it is a fact that for the most part, the Indian companies are only doing what they SHOULD – manufacture goods at fair prices which their Third World customers can afford.

The bottom line to this is that the World is DIVIDED. In the West, consumers can AFFORD to pay rip-off prices – but those in the Third World can NOT.

Here in Thailand – and neighbouring countries – cigarettes cost a tenth the price Westerners pay. And drugs and other goods likewise. If Western prices applied, they could not afford to buy ANYTHING.

For decades, this divide was contained by Customs, but following the 2008 Crash (caused by Western government giving Wall Street free rein – with predictable results) Western consumers have felt the PINCH. And so, thanks to the Interweb, the LEAKAGE between the two Worlds has become a FLOOD.

And it’s a flood no amount of bullsh*t from Western Big Business and government is going to STAUNCH.


2 Responses to “Damien on… The Bullsh*t Awards”

  1. I WANT cheap Viagra – so that I can stand up and be counted!

    Brilliant gags like that not withstanding you are, as ever, completely correct. Why don’t they just let you and I rule the world?

  2. You can now get it over the counter – but only if you take two. However, you have to swallow quickly – or you’ll get a stiff neck (I got a million of ’em!)

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