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Damien on… Clint Eastwood

A while back, the A-list star’s star slipped a bit – when he delivered a political speech to an empty chair. But in fairness, even HE laughs about it now. It just seemed like a good idea at the time.

But the points he lost then have now been recovered – he just saved a guy’s LIFE, by performing the Heimlich Manœuver on him.

Like Herpes, only Americans seem to suffer from getting food stuck in their throats – perhaps it is because they hold their forks incorrectly.

Anyhay, in this instance, Mr Eastwood was on hand – saw the man was in distress and with three heaves, dislodged the obstacle. He then got him a glass of water – and even added a twist of lemon.

What a prince. And Clint is 83 now, too…

Of course, the man he saved now has a story he can dine out on for LIFE – which it would NOT have been, had the man performing the manœuver been Lindsey Graham (see


2 Responses to “Damien on… Clint Eastwood”

  1. I was inclined to diss the guy (and I dunno why particularly). Now, of course, I gotta love, dig, admire, and praise the dude. Check this out. Or in. Or round about. Have no doubt. It’s not my shout. Oh, it is, is it? OK. But culture comes first:

    Determination hard and sharp as flint. Nobody had to give the man a hint. He wasn’t stuffing his ears with lint. He wasn’t sucking an Altoid mint. He simply upped and did a sprint. Across the floor and (damn!) by dint of his being just the man he acts on screen, he saved the choker. Blimey! Know what I mean? Just like you said, mate.

    This poem won the Worst But-Worthy-Of-Preserving Poem-Of-The-Hour on the Unemployed-Workers Daytime-Playtime Eternal-Teabreak Show.

  2. Your comment made my day. I don’t know what to say. Clint surely is the boss. Even when not on a… hoss?

    And you thought YOUR poetry was crap!

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