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Damien on… Lindsey Graham

As a Brit, I usually have little interest in US senators – particularly Republican ones. But the first time I saw Lindsey, I was fascinated.

His parents – who ran a booze shop (US: liquor store) called “The Sanitary Cafe” (really?) and were called Millie and Florence James Graham (again, REALLY?) – gave him the unisex name, Lindsey.

From this gender-confused beginning, he rose through academia and the military, eventually becoming a lawyer. According to The Hill, he styled himself a Gulf War Veteran, despite only having “served” as a legal eagle – who never left South Carolina.

Under George Wan… sorry, WaLker Bush, he rose to the rank of Colonel.

Col. Lindsey Grayham

Then for the next few years, he took a back seat in America’s foreign adventures.

But this “career” ran parallel to his political ambitions. I will not bore you with his rise through THOSE ranks – the SIDE DETAILS are far more interesting.

He was part of the movement that sought – unsuccessfully – to impeach Bill Clinton over his indiscretions with a certain chubby intern.

He described Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito – whom some claimed was sexist and racist – to be “a decent, honourable man”.

He stated that Free Speech was a “great idea” – except when you were at war.

He proposed a measure classifying the American-born children of illegal immigrants as illegal too.

He has been given an “A” rating by the NRA – meaning America’s gun-nuts consider him a friend.

Of course, he opposed “Obamacare”.

And he championed pre-emptive military action against Iran.

But it is his stance on Gay Marriage – and adoption – that flagged him on MY radar. He is against them.

Now up until I heard that, I had always ASSUMED he was GAY. I mean, just LOOK at him…

Lindsey Graham

Plus the fact he has never married or produced offspring.

However on reflection, this anomaly is not really surprising. It is a well-known fact that most rabidly homophobic guys are in fact gay themselves, but are unable – due to peer-pressure, upbringing, religion or a combination of those things – to accept their sexual orientation.

And so they “over-compensate” by adopting a strong anti-gay position – until the inevitable “expose” splashes all over the tabloids.

I suppose we will just have to wait for THAT…


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