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Damien on… TV Censorship In Thailand

…is erratic, inconsistent and HILARIOUSLY inept.

Case in point: In Asia, RTL/CBS have been promoting “Under The Dome” for the past two months. Adapted from a Stephen King book and co-produced by Spielberg, this epic finally premiered a few nights ago – and looks pretty good.

But I am sure I was not alone in noticing something was MISSING.

You see, in the PROMO (which has been shown every 15 minutes for those two months – about three THOUSAND times, in all) when a little Buddy Holly plane crashes into the dome, showering debris over the ground, said debris lands right next to two characters – and clearly includes a severed LEG.

The hero pushes this young guy out of the way, leaving them both sprawled on the ground – and the limb lands with a THUNK, right beside them.

However, when that bit came up on the premiere – the shot CUT to the next shot, just BEFORE the appearance of said LEG.

A MAJOR cock-up! A competent company would ensure that any cuts covered episodes AND promos.

But that is how it is, here in Thailand.

And do not get me started on the Pixies – the prats responsible for pixelising (not pixilating: that is a form of animation – or getting DRUNK) images deemed too daring for Thais.

Local channels pixelise guns/knives near heads, booze bottles, “intimate” human bits, homosexual kisses and cigarettes in mouths, among other things. While the Western channels that use the SAME platform – do NONE of those sillies.

Then again, while those same Western channels CUT all strong language, Western programmes shown on LOCAL channels have every F, MF, CS – and even C – left INTACT. (I will leave it to your sordid imagination to work out what the letters stand for).

It is a truism that in Thailand, bureaucraps do not DO anything – they just like to be SEEN to be doing something. And nowhere is that more evident than in their feeble efforts to CENSOR TV.


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