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Damien on… The US Government

Once again, Uncle Sam is in the crapper. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. And this time, the whole GOVERNMENT has gone shopping.

So what happened to Obama’s pledge that he would use Presidential Privilege to nail anyone who got in his way, during his last term?

It seems John Boehner (which CLEARLY should be pronounced boner – not BAINER) is calling the shots once more.

John Boehner

Despite the fact the orange twit is a REPUBLICAN – he is also the House Speaker and thus, the third most powerful man (well, cry-baby) in the States.

Say what you like about British politics (and I’ve said PLENTY in these columns – little of it complimentary) at least when you are Prime Minister, you RULE.

In America, the President only rules if he is a REPUBLICAN – regardless of what party he heads.

What a STUPID system. And every time America circles the drain, WE – the rest of the Western World – get pulled down WITH her. Damn.


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