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Damien on… Norman Lamont

Norman Lamont was a Tory politician – so it is hard to defend him of anything.

And yet, there must be a BOOK waiting to be written of the machinations that took place to SCREW him.

For many years, he was Chancellor Of The Exchequer – and when Britain pulled out of the ERM, Lamont got the flack.

Then, on a comedy awards show, Julian Clary made a joke about the set, saying it looked like Hampstead Heath – and adding that he had just fisted Norman Lamont.

The remark would have been forgotten by the next day, had the Tory gutter press not reacted in mock-outrage, endlessly repeating the remark, while demanding Clary’s castigation – the result of which was humiliation for Lamont and positive publicity for Mr Clary.

Of course, the papers MUST have known this would happen – they were not THAT out of touch. They were just taking the opportunity to NAIL him.

Then again, during the previous months, they had printed story after story about Lamont – most of which were entirely baseless. It was pure character assassination and eventually, the man fell.

But while the Fleet Street hacks were (are and doubtless always will be) morally bankrupt, it is curious that Lamont was a TORY – and when it comes to falls, they are usually more than capable of engineering their own.

So why WERE they so set against him. F***ed if I know. Like I said, there is a book to be written here…


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