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Damien on… A Woman Takes A Horse Into McDonalds…

I promise you the punchline to this one isn’t “Why the long face?” – it actually happened.

Apparently, you cannot go through a drive-through (or even “drive-thru”) on roller-skates, a bicycle or a horse – it has to be a car.

And when a Mancunian horse-woman was told this, she decided to go into the restaurant on foot – with her horse.

Unfortunately, the horse must have been nervous – Britain recently had problems when horse-meat was found in some of its burgers (not in McDonalds, this writer wishes to make clear – Ronald’s notoriously litigious) – because it did what any nervous animal does. All over the restaurant floor.

The whole thing ended up in court and according to the report I read, the woman received a “fixed penalty” – which was what freaked me out. I mean, fixed penalties are applied to COMMON misdeeds – like illegal parking, speeding and the like.

So how often DO people take horses into junk-food joints in Britain these days?



One Response to “Damien on… A Woman Takes A Horse Into McDonalds…”

  1. This would be amusing if it did not remind me of the way cyclists are treated like zero-class citizens here. (Oh, the authorities make a big show of giving bicycles their own lanes and priority at lights – but that only enrages the boy racers who deliberately nudge cyclists to their death frequently).

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