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Damien on… The Shard

The Shard

I escaped cold, wet, miserable, over-priced Britain over a decade ago.

And today, I was reminded of just why. I learned that a new London attraction is the observation gallery of The Shard – a thousand foot glass spike, in The City.

Said gallery is on the 72nd floor, at only around eight hundred feet up – but the rest of the building is just architectural whimsy anyway.

However, what blew my mind was the PRICE being asked for going up there. A quid? Two? Surely not five? No – they want TWENTY-FIVE POUNDS PER PERSON!!!

Now I don’t mind paying a few quid to get high, but are they freakin’ KIDDING?

I wonder how many potential sightseers, on learning how much it would cost – told them where they could STICK their Shard?


4 Responses to “Damien on… The Shard”

  1. I am wondering if it would be worth $249 for the VIP Experience studio tour at Universal City on my mid-September visit to LA, or should I make do with the $77 general admission and the 45-minute tram tour after the long queue? Heck, it’s only a once in a lifetime thing! Who needs to save and stuff? Nah! I’ll splash out and enjoy! (Clearing the plastic debt back down to zero is gonna take til 2016 I have figured…)

  2. I just read a piece on the Empire State building. It seems they make more money from the tickets for the observation galleries than they do from rent for all the offices. NO JOKE.

    Their prices are a bit less than The Shard charges – but for quite a bit MORE than that rate, you can get “VIP” tickets that jump you PAST the very LONG queues for said galleries.

    So beware! America has a TWO-TIER SYSTEM – then again, it may be worthwhile going first class, given your time there is limited (the extra would still be less than ANOTHER TRIP!)

  3. Wow! That DOES make me skid to a halt. More cash from Viewing Deck takings than rent! Just in passing, it is fun to see the number of movies that include a little scene shot on that Viewing Deck.

  4. I wonder how much they charge for THOSE?

    I also note that while there was a year in the Seventies when more films were made on the streets of New York than in Hollywood (true fact) – soon after, once the NY Mayor’s Film Office was established – a lot of film-makers moved their filming to CHICAGO.

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