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Damien on… Asiana Flight 214

Once again we have a bunch of passengers sitting in a crashed aircraft (for a whole minute and a half) waiting to be told what to do.

Only when the back of the plane started filling with smoke did the pilots decide to order an evacuation (then again, they were the morons who flew the bird in WAY too low and slow, apparently causing the disaster in the first place).

The legend goes: a pilot needs three things: height, airspeed and brains – he can only run out of ONE and stay alive. It would appear THESE ones ran out of ALL THREE.

As luck would have it, almost all of said passengers survived. But a number were injured and two young girls DIED.

How many MORE people could have avoided injury – and perhaps those girls have lived – if they had done what I would have done?

I direct your attention to a piece I penned two years ago…

UPDATE. I have MORE on this story now – the flight was from one of Korea’s two main airlines – and the “incident” was a FIASCO.

It turns out the guy in the Left Seat was a TRAINEE.

And two of the inflatable escape chutes opened INSIDE the plane, nearly KILLING two trolley-dollies – a knife and a hatchet had to be used to deflate them (the chutes, not the trolley-dollies – keep up).

This resulted in many of the passengers (after the afore-mentioned DELAY) having to jump out through a hole in the fuselage.

And when all was over, THREE Chinese girls had died: one had been dragged from the aircraft ALIVE and was laid on the ground – where she was promptly RUN OVER by an airport crash tender.

Oh, and given the pilots were foreign, they did not have to submit to alcohol/drug tests.

Happy landings.


4 Responses to “Damien on… Asiana Flight 214”

  1. I read about 20 or 30 years ago that 1 in 2,000,000 flights pranged. I wonder what it is now. And I wonder whether Western airline companies have a better record. Say 1 in 5,000,000 maybe?

  2. I believe the latest is 1 in 14,000,000.

    This is about the same odds as a single lottery ticket coming up with all six numbers.

    But this must be cold comfort for lottery jackpot winners as they sit at the end of the runway, awaiting take-off on that dream holiday…

  3. Thanks. Of course, one needs to know whether the datum refers to Western airlines or Third World airlines or airlines of Russia and China…

  4. I believe the figure is for ALL SCHEDULED flights. Which would include Coconut Airlines, Andes Wing-And-A-Prayer Airways, et al.

    I have more information on this now – please check the main article again…

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